Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fat Kid on a Chocolate Pie

Heyo Fam

My time is short on the computer so I wrote about my first week in a letter. I will send it today but be ready for a novel. It’s been a busy week and I have had a bunch of new insights. The dear elder letters are printed out and put in our mailbox daily. I get to pick the districts mail up and seeing a letter with your name on it can be such a day changer - so keep me updated.  It also makes the other elders think I’m pretty important when I get a stack. I can’t get on mi hermanas blogs, so if you could send me the good stuff - that would be great. My experience with Spanish is similar to Megs. I’m definitely a newbie gringo but I’m picking it up faster than a fat kid on a chocolate pie (that’s something my coaches said all the time in football - probably from first-hand experience). We went to the temple this morning and I saw Samuel L.


You are in my prayers

 -elder speen


Monday, February 25, 2013

First Letter


MTC life is great.  My companion's nombre is Elder Dean. He is from Brigham City and a good man.  We share a room with Elders Crossgrow and Miller.

As we heard would happen, the teachers in our Spanish class only speak Spanish. This does force us to pick up the language faster. Everyone else in my class has at least four years of Spanish in school, and I have only two years; so I started behind.  But, I am really getting it and I teach my second lesson in Spanish today to a Hermana named Gloria. 

Our district, which is our classroom is comprised of 11 elders and they come in all shapes and sizes.  I was made District leader and I get to go grab the mail and distribute it to my boys.  This is fun because everyone loves getting their mail. 

Our floor is our zone and the elders have created this "Flea Market" and go around with their ties to trade. While I was coming out of the bano one morning an Elder from New Zealand said: "Man, how old are you?"  I laughed and responded "18."  He gave me this Polynesian look and said, "you look like you are 15, but you are a very big little boy." I was 8 inches taller than this guy.

I have the same schedule as Sam Leatham, so I often have meals and gym with him (and the Temple which is on Thursday).

I love getting your Dear Elders.


Elder Speen