Thursday, September 11, 2014


Last Monday we went to get our teeth cleaned. Ha - not quite the service I grew up with but she got under the retainer well - so that was good. That part where they use that cleaner thingy that spins around normally takes a bit of time. They run it over every part of every tooth. She did it in record time. She started on one end and it took her 5 seconds to make a bee-line to the other side. But, my teeth did feel cleaner after it all. 

I had a marathon interview session this week. I had 5 interviews, in one afternoon. A family is getting baptized including 2 young children. They were smart little fellers and the next day at church both ran over to hug me.  I asked the 8 year old one if he knew what the Word of Wisdom is. He said "oh yes that means that I can’t have relations with girls until after my mission."   ha 

A hermano from our area will be baptized in 2 weeks and this week asked us if we could sign his Book of Mormon because he wanted to remember the two missionaries that brought him out of the darkness. His mom and daughters will also be baptized.  He doesn't talk much but what he says is honest and from his heart and when he says he will do something - he does it. He was the one we ate watermelon with.

Monday, September 1, 2014

McDonalds, Mermaids, and Balloons

We took an investigator to the stake center where they have a program to help people become self-sufficient. The investigator has been out of work for two months which has made him very open to listen to us but also very stressed. These centers of self sufficiency are actually really great in several stakes, the man playing the piano with me is in charge of one, and I was hoping the best. My comp called the people in charge to find out the times. They told us that they left at 1. We showed up at 12, it took us twenty min to get there and a bit of hassle, they weren't there. We called them, and they told us that they had just left. We went back the next day and an old man cam to greet us. He asked us what we wanted and who the other guy was; not very friendly. We went into the "office" and found several computers. The old man was the missionary in charge. He gave us a large pamphlet and didn't really say anything else. We searched on the computer for jobs but didn't really find anything. We were kind of hoping for something a bit... more. We had talked it up a bit. We took him to McDonald’s after to buy a breakfast burrito. He didn't really know where we were going and when he realized that we were going Mickey-Dees he kind of freaked out and didn't want to go in. He finally agreed that we could buy some ice cream. We talked after about what had happened and tried to figure out the '' why.¨  We settled on  that either he was  a Wendy’s fan, or felt bad that he would be eating without his fam while they don't have much money, or is the BIG MAC BURGLER that they have been looking for and they would catch him.

We were passing a house and a guy walked out with 3 human sized trophies. My comp ran up to him and said ''Messi – it’s you; we found you!'' We snapped some photos and the guy laughed.

An older lady that has a daughter about to get baptized turned 80 or something like that, so we bought her some balloons. The helium was expensive - so we figured that we would buy one balloon with helium and then tape the others to it. Ya – well, they all fell to the floor together. But the old lady probably figured it out after and had a good high pitched voice game while sucking the balloon.

Several children were playing in front of the house and one had a pic of John Cena. My comp said ''hey, you like John Cena? I’m John Cena.'' The kid said: ''no you’re not.'' He said, 'yeah I am.''  I said ''yeah he is'' we started fake wrestling and the kids we super stoked. Now, every time they see us they flex and growl.

We contacted a house and a larger older woman answered said wait a minute. Then, 30 seconds later we heard a voice from the window say ''over here.'' We went over and found her in a mermaid pose on the couch right by the window. We talked to her for a bit and then took down her name and address. When we asked her what her name was she said ''uh...'' couldn't remember. Pretty funny stuff.